Fall-Winter Garden

So we tried doing some late-season cabbage but the deer got it before the snow hit it and now, pretty much nothing is happening it with the cabbage.  The kale and the herbs and the arugula always last the longest. Despite temps in the low 20s and some snow, they have recovered nicely and are continuing to grace our plates.

Perhaps next year we’ll look at some row covers.  Row covers would allow us to grow well into December into our area. Maybe even January for the kale.  That’s next winter though. For this winter, we’ll enjoy the kale (sweetened by the cold) and the arugula (also mellowed by the cold) until the temps stay in the 20s for more than a couple of days.

Inside, we have succulents going crazy and flowering.  We also have the basil growing, and a few summer potted flowers we’re over-wintering in the cooler front porch.  The rosemary is happily installed in the living room for their second winter.  Or maybe third, it’s hard to remember how old the shrubs are.  The house is full of plants, the garden is trying to keep growing, and we’re ready for winter.


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