Seed Time

It’s time to think about seeds.  Not to plant them, no…not yet.  But to plan them and to order them.  We ordered from MIGardener last year and aside from the beets, had amazing success with them.  Here’s the thing. The seeds are .99$  Plus they have a ton of great information on their multiple media channels.  Check them out.

So on a subzero night in the middle of the week, we ordered seeds.  Sounds pretty boring right?  Maybe.  But when it is so cold you need gloves to give the chickens their water during the day, and so cold you need to refill their water twice in a day…..seed ordering is comforting.  A bulwark against the idea of two more months of cold.  So most of our seeds are ordered but we’ll still be placing an order with a couple of other companies – Johnny’s and Seed Savers most likely.

There will be seed trays to set up and seedlings to watch and enjoy as we move toward spring, but until then, pretty websites and catalogs will be enough.  Here’s to dreaming of spring!


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