In Case You Miss Summer

  It’s gone back to cold.  Single digit cold. The grass is browning under the onslaught of freezing, the kale is down for good and the heating bills are astronomical.  While it’s sometimes tough to take more than a day or two of this kind of weather, it is manageable.

See, we saved some summer.  Remember when we dried all the extra heirloom tomatoes this summer?  We saved the pineapples the celebrities and the cherry tomatoes.  They were dried and packed up in ziplock bags and we threw them in the cupboard where I pretty much forgot about them.  Until I was looking for some dried apples to munch on.

There they were.  Probably 25 pounds of tomatoes, dried to about a pound of compressed summer. I rehydrated them with some water, olive oil and our own Italian seasoning mix.  I let them stand for about five hours, until they were soft and leathery but not slimy.

Then, we tasted them.  WOW!  Summer in a bite!  The taste brought back warm breezes, nodding flowers, green grass and puffy white clouds.  The taste reminded me that this cold snap will end, that we’ll be planting seeds and there will be mornings when the water drips into the rain barrels after an overnight thunderstorm and the little spring frogs will sing in the back wetlands.

We made some flatbreads with them.  Just some nann bread, veggies, cheese and those amazing tomatoes.  Baked it all off and enjoyed a really flavorful dinner.


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