Every year we like to try a few new things and this year is no exception.  We have a new garlic variety this year.  It’s from a local farmer and he doesn’t have a name for it but it is spectacular so we named it after him.  Izzy’s garlic.

We are also going to try some cumin.  We love cumin in a lot of things and we actually go through about a pound of cumin ourselves each year.  So we thought we’d try growing our own.

This year we are also trying shallots.  I’m a fan of shallots, especially with eggs because they are not as strong as onions.  They are also good roasted, on pizza and in sauces where you don’t want an overwhelming onion flavor.  Shallots don’t have the bite onions do and they are good to use raw in or on salads like potato salads.

Shallots are very expensive in the stores and also keep for a long time so we thought we’d try growing them.  My Dad has been growing them for years so he gave us some bulbs.  We plunked 10 of them in the garlic bed last fall and they are coming up beautifully.  We’re looking forward to harvesting them this summer.