One of the things I worried about  when we decided to get bees was whether or not there would be enough early flowers within the three miles they travel.  And then I laughed at myself.  Our local area is a mixture of forest, swamp and suburban yards that are a half acre to an acre.  There is a major roadway a mile to the south and not to many flowers there, but otherwise, there are going to be plenty.


When we think flowers, especially in early spring, we think of daffodils and tulips.  I think of fruit trees; crabapples, flowering pears, and apple trees.  And while we have plenty of those in the area, and plenty of lovely spring bulbs in the area, I realizes we have a lot more flowers in the area too.

Dandelions, violets, and even the incredibly invasive creeping charlie is flowering.  The birches and maples are flowering. There are so many lovely and underappreciated flowers in the ditches, along the train tracks and tucked back into the edges of lawns where they change over to scrubby little woods. I get so used to thinking of cultivated flowers that sometimes I forget that pretty much every plant flowers.  You just have to take some time and look for them.