A New Project

Being a interested in all things outdoors, we’re pretty excited to announce that we’ll be bringing 20,000-40,000 stinging insects onto the place.  We’re getting bees!  And we’re hoping for honey.  We’ve spent months planning it, prepping for the bees and getting their site all set up.  It’s an expensive hobby to start.  You have to but the hive itself, all the parts that go with the hive, and the bees themselves.

We started looking last fall actually, trying to find a bee supplier local to Michigan who keeps their bees here all winter.  AND trying to find one who sells bees that ‘know’ their queen.  Some suppliers sell groups bees called a package.  The packaged bees have a queen and a group of been in one package.  They usually do not know each other and it takes them a little bit to get to know each other and work as a group.  A Nuc is a group of bees who do now each other and has been working to build comb already.  We were interested in the highest possibility of success with our new bees so we got a Nuc.  We’re excited to pick them up from the Apiary about 1.5 hours away in the next  couple of  weeks – stay tuned!