A Long Weekend

   I wasn’t long in the sense that we had an extra day off but long in the sense that we packed a LOT into the weekend.  The week before was long actually. And then we packed the weekend full.

We got a new driveway for one thing and boy did we need it.  So in came an little excavator and a big amount of gravel.  We spend a couple of nights tidying up and laying down grass seed on the changed landscape.  We also went and dug up a bunch of what folks commonly call “Ditch lillies” from a family member’s house to shore up the sides of the newly dug slope.  Of course, said family member had some hostas that needed a new home so we got those planted too.  All that’s left is watering the new grass seed and hoping it germinates soon.

This weekend we headed down to Detroit at 7am for the annual Eastern Market trip.  We bought some really neat flowers that I’ve never seen before for our containers and another flat of marigolds (can you ever have enough marigolds?) and lots of treats.  Just about everyone can find something awesome at Eastern Market.  We found spices, hydrangeas, flowers, greens, succulents, and these amazing oatmeal pie cookies.  You’ve probably had a Little Debbie right?  Little Debbies taste like cardboard compared to the ones we bought.  Seriously amazing.  They are on my list to recreate.  We got some spicy greens (my favorite).  I also found my favorite graffiti ever. A great day.

We came home and planted a ton of plants, raked, shoveled and finalized the bee hive with a feeder and entrance reducer.

At 6:30 Sunday it was back on the road to go get the bees.

A very long and busy weekend but all with the goal of pushing forward on several projects in order to take it easy next weekend and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we’ve had recently.