In addition to moving dirt and cleaning up the garden and planting flowers, we planted most of the herbs and veggies. We lost some of our variegated sage last year so that was replaces along with one thyme plant, our fennel herb plant, summer savory and

We’re trying horseradish this year.  The plants are so innocent looking at the nursery, little four inch pots of promise.  But I read the label (after I got home of course) and they grow to four feet tall.  I think maybe our dahlias and possibly the canna lillies get to four feet.  But we have nothing else that big.  And really nowhere to put it either.  So I tucked it up next to the cutting celery which is approaching two feet, and the french tarragon.  I hope it does well but I’m also a little nervous about it.

We also got our basil in.  It might (maybe) be a little early. But the long term forecast looks good for night time temps so I am hoping it makes it.  Basil is my all-time favorite along with heriloom tomatoes.  The tomatoes aren’t in yet as we have some special soil prep to do.

The beans and corn are in though.  We may have over planted beans this year.  I got Lima beans, snap beans and pole beans.  We also got the four new dry beans to try so we have four of each seed in the ground.  We’ll see what happens.  It wold be nice to find a nice dry bean we like to grow for ourselves for winter use.  We use a lot of black beans and I am interested in the flavors of the black bean we’re growing in comparison to the other three.

We have dill in, the lettuce is on it’s way to our plates, chamomile is growing like mad.  Beets, radishes, cabbage, parsley,collard greens, carrots and cilantro are all up and growing.  The summer squash and gourds are in.  It’s been a busy few weeks but we have a few flowers to add and the tomatoes and peppers to plant and we’re done.