A Nod to Common

There are so many plain everyday things I think are just wonderful.  Goldfish for example.  People want exotic fish in their fish tank, I like goldfish. I also happen to be in love with simply classic flowers.  Perennials or annuals, I like the common ones.  And one of my favorites is Lilly of the Valley.  We had a small forest up on one side of the garage.  After repainting the building and shoring up the retaining wall in the past couple of years, we finally cleaned it all out.  Well mostly, I am quite sure the trees we cut down and the roses I sliced back to nothing will pop back up.

But for now, it is cleared out and the iris and peonies planted there are very happy.  I saw a few Lilly of the Valley there when I was working in there early spring but they seem to have made a serious comeback.  They are thick next to the building.

So I picked a handful and put them on the kitchen windowsill and every time the breeze comes in, it carries their scent into the kitchen.  What could be better that that?  It’s the simply things.

As an aside, if you live in the area and want to come dig some up these out- you are welcome to. There are simply too many and they are spreading fast.