Ongoing Projects

Hello from the busiest time of the year. May and September are month long marathons of digging and hauling and planting and harvesting.  This May has been no different. We’re getting ready for the Downtown Saginaw Farmers’ Market next weekend and finishing the planting.

We got a new driveway and the excavator left about 10 yards of topsoil.  So we moved a lot of it to the garden beds and we dumped a whole lot in the back swamp and planted wildflowers in the soil.  But it was backbreaking work for days.  We also finished out all the beds for planting. Meanwhile, we tried tackling the flea beetles in the arugula with Neem oil and it didn’t work at all.  The Arugula is just about a total loss.  So we’ll plant again in a couple of weeks and hope to avoid the early spring flea beetle cycle so we have arugula this summer.

The bees seem to be doing well, they come and go all day long.  I did a quick check on this hive this past weekend and with some cooler temps thought I wouldn’t need the smoker.  I was wrong.  Even with the cooler temps they were highly agitated and I was stung for my efforts.  I’ll wait another week and check them again.

As we come into the last week of May, and hopefully the last week where frost is possible in our area, we’re almost to the ‘weed, water, wait’ stage.  Although I am sure we’ll find lots to keep us busy in June as well.