Chive Flowers

I am always a little surprised that people don’t know chive flowers are edible.  They most certainly are and offer a light onion-y flavor and colorful addition to fresh salads.  They are also lovely for a compound butter which adds another colorful and tasty bit to your table.

My favorite thing to do chive blossoms is to make chive vinegar.  This flavored vinegar and the first spring greens is definitively the taste of spring for me.

If you grow chives, you know they will self-sow so it pays to cut the flowers before they go to seed. It also doesn’t hurt to cut the flowers to encourage the growth of the chive leaves which are a valuable ingredient in so many recipes.

Early in the season, cut flowers are hard to find but the chive flowers make a nice bouquet too! Anyone who grows chives knows how many flowers you get this time of year.  It’s great to be able to use as many as possible.