Invasive (but delicious) Plants

  Most plants and herbs we grow are pretty ‘tame’  they stay in their area, don’t spread too much and add a joy to the landscape.  But some plants are not tame.  Mint is notorious for overreaching it’s planting area and will actually grow under concrete and pop up in a concrete crack.  It will move into your yard or pretty much anywhere in the area.  Our mint is creeping though the grass and poking up in the concrete next to the mint bed.  But it’s not too bad, we keep it trimmed back and somewhat controlled. It’s always wonderful with cucumbers and water.

We planted lemon balm 2 years ago and that has actually become more of a problem then the mint. It doesn’t creep like the mint but it self-sows.  We have lemon balm popping up in every little crevice it can get hold.  Lemon balm is a great plant to have but aside from a pesto or flavored balm, we don’t use it that often.  So I am thinking that this is the spring of yanking lemon balm seedlings from all over the place.  If anyone wants a lemon balm plant, let us now – we have a few thousand.