Farmers’ Market

It’s Farmers’ Market Season!  We were at the Downtown Saginaw Farmers’ Market on Saturday.  It was the opening weekend.  Friday was the first day and Saturday was the second. There is not another Saturday Market until July 1 but there is a Monday, Wednesday and Friday Market.  Unfortunately, we can only attend on Saturdays so we won’t be back until Saturday, July 1.

  There is a lot to do to get ready for the market.  Everything in our market tubs gets unpacked, washed down and re-packed.  Money has to be counted, inventory checked and recorded, paperwork reviewed and supplies of bags, rubber bands and various other necessities replenished.

After hours of the more clerical tasks, we finally get to cut the herbs and flowers.  That’s the best part.  Cutting and bundling fresh fragrant herbs, tucking them into the bucket for transport, and counting up how much we have.  I think that’s the best part but actually going to market is perhaps even better. 

Pulling into the quiet city, seeing all the farmer’s, asking after people’s bees and crops and farms and discussing the spring’s weather is equally as enjoyable.  Setting up your space listening to local farmers catcalling and rubbing each other before the customers get there is a nice way to start the day.  Once the customers show up, it is lovely to discuss your own products, discuss growing herbs and cooking with herbs.  There is always one customer who makes your whole day brighter with their enthusiasm and then…..the market slows down and ends and you pack up and go home.  It’s a pleasant way to spend the day.