Weed, Water, Wait

It’s the best time of year.  We’ve got everything in (well…almost) and it rained this week so we’re pretty much weeding and waiting.  We have our first early spring crops ready to munch on in small amounts.

Radishes, lettuce, kale, and the arugula are ready.  The rest of things are all growing well with the exception of some insect damage and some slow germinating on a few things.  There is a lot of weeding until the plants get big enough to shade out the weeds but it’s pretty easy.  If this regular rain continues, we’ll be in awesome shape for some big July produce harvests.  The garlic is ready to be pulled for green garlic so we’ll have some of that too. We tried four varieties this year, three from last year and Izzy’s garlic from a local grower this year.  I think, after three years of trying, we’ve settled on two.  Izzy’s garlic and Music seem uniquely suited to our area.

It is nice to be at the point where we’re trying to solve a few issues and work with a few rows instead of all the rows at once.  Spring is such a busy busy time and as we head into early summer, it is nice to slow down a little bit and enjoy watching the little seedlings.