What is Eating the Basil?

We have flea beetles and cabbage worms and some aphids in the oregano and chervil.  Pests, all of them, but the neem oil is controlling everything but the flea beetles.

But something is eating the basil.  I’ve been growing basil for years and never had anything eat the plant.  But this year, something is munching it down.  So we lost quite a bit in the past two or three days and we’ll have to replace some of it.

Between the insects and the rabbits and the deer, we’re constantly fighting the critters and trying to keep our plants healthy. I have considered insecticides, trust me I have.  But I can’t find anything certified organic locally.  So I’m making my own concoction.  Nothing eats the mint and nothing eats the garlic.

I’ve been steeping garlic in a jar of water for months now.  I ground up some mint and some red pepper flakes in water and let it steep.  I mixed it with the garlic water, strained it all through a coffee filter into a spray bottle and sprayed everything!

My hope is that because no insects or critters eat the garlic and mint that the oils from both and the red pepper flakes will deter the insects and mammals.