Projects and Payoffs

  We’ve got a few projects going at the moment.  Don’t we always? And we also have some payoffs.  The projects include and are not limited to, a new bathroom, clean up of some downed trees, and drying some more herbs.  The payoffs are rolling in as well.

The new bathroom project entailed ripping out an old bathtub this past weekend.  An ugly old tub yanked out to reveal a broken wall and several layers of old flooring to deal with.  Pictures and updates coming soon.

The downed trees are really no big deal.  We have a lot of dead ash due to the Emerald Ash Borer which has swept through Michigan.  Most of our low lying area is forested in ash and we’ve pretty much lost all of it.  Luckily, we have maple oak and elm as well to help fill the gaps.  Our dead ash have died, toppled and landed in the little clearing in the back.  We can’t mow it with trees lying all over so we pulled some out the other day to cut up for firewood.


The payoffs are coming fast.  Radishes, lettuce, beets, cilantro and our very first chamomile blooms are gracing the table.  The chamomile is a real treat, it will be a little while until we have enough to dry but in the meantime we have lots of mint, chives and a huge amount of oregano to dry.