From Drought to Rain

  OK – maybe we weren’t in a true drought but we had no rain for two weeks.  Lawns were turning brown and we were watering every other day or so.  The rain barrels were dry and things were slowing down on the growing.

And then we got rain.  Not a sprinkle, not a shower, and not a storm but a deluge.  The rain gauge read 3.5 inches.  In one night.  The back flooded, the chickens were underwater in their chicken tractor, and the plants all exploded with growth the next day.  It was like the rain wanted to make up for missing the last two weeks.  All at once.

Despite some minor flooding, the plants just went crazy once the sun came out.  The tomatoes and tomatillos have pretty much doubled in size, the sunflowers seemed to have grown  inches in one day.  The gourds, corn, dill and cilantro all put inches on.  You can water with a hose all day long, but there is something in a big old rainstorm that plants love.

The ground is 100% saturated and now the mosquitoes will enjoy the puddles.  But the air has cleared, the humidity is down and breeze is lightening up with the passing of the front.  It is going to be a lovely next few days.