Our area got hit with severe flooding last week and it has rained just about every day since.  Prior to the flooding, we already had standing water in the back so the ground was completely saturated. Then last Friday we got hit with a really serious rainstorm.  7+ inches came down in some places. Out rain gauge stops at 5″ and it was completely full to the rim.  Roads washed out, basements flooded and states of emergency declared in our tri-county area.

I think we may have lost some garlic, our tomatoes hate the cool damp weather, and we have worked tirelessly this past week to address some water in the basement.  No fun.  No fun at all.  But our raised beds have saved most things.  The beans are the big worry – they don’t like wet feet.  They seem fine so far so we’re hoping they do OK.

We consider ourselves lucky, we may have lost somethings and we’re tired from dragging things out of the basement but all in all, we had very little loss.  Some folks lost their entire homes and most of the things in it.  Some farmers lost hundreds of acres of crops and a lot or smaller farmers lost entire crops & greenhouses.

It’s another crazy weather year and we’re hoping we get a few weeks where it dries out and we can get a good harvest on some late summer crops.