Deer Damage

As if the flooding weren’t enough, the deer have returned.  We’ve deer proofed like mad for this season.  Fishing line fences, dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap and the Repel All sprinkles have held them at bay through the seedling phase of the garden.

But to add insult to flooding injury, they have decided that tomatoes, beans, beets, kale and dill of all things, are lovely menu items.  The frustration is that the high levels of water have led to an amazing amount of growth in the woods behind the house as well as most of the local meadow areas.  So it’s not like that are hungry or anything – they simply prefer the garden snacks.

It is very disappointing to see the plants (not seedlings, PLANTS), you’ve so carefully tended have the tops mowed down in one night.  So we’re back to regular Repel All sprinkles nightly.  We also added some bells (like jingle bells) to our fishing line fencing as well as some cellophane wrapping paper which moves on the slightest breeze and makes some crinkly noises as well.

I hope we can keep them at bay as the heirloom corn varieties come into flower and the tomatoes, peppers and beans keep growing.