Wildflower Mixes

We planted two wildflower mixes.  One cheap one with a LOT of filler and one more expensive one that was all seeds and guaranteed Michigan-friendly.

The cheap one we sowed up by the house in some contained beds to ensure any invasive were manageable.  We put the expensive ones in the back swampy/grass area and the garden beds. The expensive ones are coming along nicely – cosmos, poppies and some nice perennials are coming along.  Oddly enough the expensive ones back in the swamp are pretty much just arugula.  Odd that a company would ship arugula as a wildflower but….we’ll take it.

The cheap ones are blooming into some amazing flowers but I have NO idea what they are.  This particular lovely flower is completely unknown to me. It is on an upright plant and it seems to bloom only when it is sunny.  Interesting!

Sometimes it is good to try something new and with some wildflower mixes, you get all sorts of unexpected flowers.  We’re looking forward to seeing what comes back next spring as a perennial.