Fall Seeds

It’s hard to believe but summer is more than half over.  With the garlic harvested, we have two 20 foot beds sitting empty.  Or we did.  Until I filled them with the fall plants.  We have a last planting of radishes, lettuces, dill, cilantro, onions and arugula in.  We filled the other bed with a fall cover crop of buckwheat.  Last year we were on top of things and cut down and turned the buckwheat in but this year we’ll likely leave it for the winter.

A second planting of the greens and radishes gives us cool fresh veggies well into late October or early November.  We may still plant some other fall crops as the summer finishes up.  If we can get a hold of some broccoli and cabbage starts, we’ll likely do those as well. Oddly enough, our favorite local greenhouses are closed so we’re stuck with either big box stores or the seeds we have on hand.

If you’re thinking about planting any fall veggies, I would strongly suggest it.  Basically, you’re looking for any veggies or plant that can mature in 30-45 days.  Green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, greens, kale….there are a lot of options.

We’ve been ordering seed from several companies over the years but I have to say, our favorite right now is Migardener, give them a try!