We’re pretty excited about this wildflower mix, I know, but seriously….there are poppies.  I have to tell you I have a major love for poppies.  I have always loved them and never been able to been able to grow them.  And not for lack of trying! I’ve planted wildflower seeds, tried starts and basically, after 10 years of trying, I gave up.

I know, that is terrible but there are a couple of plants I’ve simply given up on.  Astilbe (we have it but it’s not doing very well), Lupine (deer ate it), and poppies are my top three that I just haven’t been successful with.  But this year…thanks to MiGardener’s wildflower mix….we have poppies!

I bought this wildflower mix because I get a little comfortable with my same favorite flowers year after year.  The gorgeous new flowers in the mix have been wonderful.  But the poppies are the icing on the cake.