Herb Harvest

Without the Saturday Market and no real local interest in our herbs….we have a LOT of herbs!  And we’re harvesting and drying them like crazy.  Every day we’re either cutting, processing, or drying a different bunch of herbs.  Chris says the house smells good.  Smells like dried herbs to me and yes, that smells good.

We still have a lot of herbs to dry for winter use but we’re going pretty crazy with the basil and dill right now.  When we’ve been drying herbs for our spice mixes, we cut massive amounts, pack the dehydrator and process them after they are dry.  Because we are processing for personal use, I’m taking the time to cut them before drying.  That reduces the drying time and makes packaging very easy. You’re going to spend the time before they are drying or after so I guess it doesn’t matter too much but the processing afterward is much easier this way.  We’re looking forward to vibrant sauces and flavors all winter long.