If Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lavender Cookies

We’re pretty sad that we didn’t sell all of our lavender yet.  Usually, it’s all gone by August 1st.  But we’re not sad to have extra lavender.  It actually leaves us a little to experiment with.  We worked on two new items that use the lavender and one of them we absolutely love.  We loved it so much we ate a dozen + cookies made with lavender in three days.  I almost typed “four days” but in the interest of honesty, I kept it at three.  Seriously, these are delicious!  We’re still using honey from another local farmer which is delicious but we can’t wait to use our own honey in these.

It might seem a little odd to use flowers in cookies but trust us, a dozen plus cookies in three days can’t be wrong.  Here’s the link to the recipe we used.  The honey does make it sticky so the freezing/chilling part is really important.  The result is a refined cookie with a lot of honey sweetness and floral notes.