Lavender Salt and Sugar

Inspired by some very cultured friends, we made some lavender salt AND lavender sugar.  The extra lavender is being put to good use in a lot of new items.  Lavender sugar is nice in any herbal tea (we’re thinking March storms with herbal teas) as well as on berries, fruit salad, pound cake, or creme brulee.

Lavender salt is an interesting mix.  You would think salt doesn’t go with sweet florals but it does.  Lamb is especially good with a rub of herbs including lavender.  Lavender salt can be used on roasted chicken (think Herbs de Provence) or heavier meats like duck.  It’s also good on (wait for it….) Chocolate!  A little salt is always good on chocolate. And caramels!  And pineapple!  There are so many things to try this with we can’t wait to get started. 

Making Lavender salt or sugar couldn’t be easier.  One half cup of sugar or salt and 2 tablespoons of dried lavender.  Put it in a jar and you’re done!