A Predator

Our chickens have been having a pretty great summer.  Fresh grass, regular rain, lots of cracked grains and kitchen scraps.  They are still laying -4 eggs a day.  Winter will see production drop off to zero so we’re enjoying them now.

Chris is the one who built the coop.  When we built it, I was sure chicken wire would be sufficient to keep them safe from predators.  But Chris was pretty adamant that we should use hardware cloth.  Hardware cloth is a lot thicker and stronger than chicken wire.  So we went with the hardware cloth.

And last week – I was glad we did.  I heard the chickens making a huge screeching racket and came out to see what was the matter.  They are way back near the end of the area we mow and a red-tailed hawk seemed to think they were a little snack.  But the haw could not get in. It was certainly trying, even as I walked toward the coop to take a picture, it was trying to reason a way in.  I  was confident it couldn’t get in so I just keep taking it’s picture.  It really didn’t show much concern for me but after taking a lose look at those talons, I can see why I was not a threat to it.

Eventually it flew off, the chickens quieted down and I was left with some pretty good pictures of one of our area predators.