Obligatory Pickle Post

Every year for the last three years – we’ve made pickles.  All that garlic, the cucumbers, the fresh dill. It’s a great flavor combo and these pickles will last for 10-12 months in the fridge so we enjoy the taste of summer all year long.  We found a recipe that we love and we have no desire to change it at all.

We’re a little disappointed to admit that we had to buy our cucumbers this year.  Our cucumbers got started and then the deer (or maybe rabbits) ate the seedlings.  So we bought cucumber starts and the deer ate those too. We heaved a huge sigh and transplanted another set of seedlings late in the season.  Right before the huge rain and the start of powdery milder on all of our squash.  So it hasn’t been a great year for us and cucumbers.

But we couldn’t not make pickles so we spent 10 bucks and bought a few pints from a local farmer.  It’s not quite the same but they are still local and we used all of our own garlic and dill.  It will take a couple of weeks for them to ‘pickle’ and we can’t wait.