Blueberry Season

We heard about this place in Hemlock, MI that is a pick your own blueberry farm.  I have never gone to a pick your own blueberry farm. I had no idea.  So a friend went and reported back with a stellar review and a couple of pounds of blue goodness.

So this weekend we went and picked our own – TWICE!  Because 20 lbs of berries in the freezer is just about perfect.  We’ve got big plans for 12 lbs and the other 8 lbs will be added to breads and crumbles and will be very enjoyed in the chilly days of February.

We took a few and made these lovely little hand pies.  You can find recipes all over the internet for hand pies.  I am sorry to say that we used prepared pie crusts for these but it’s such a time saver.  We cooked down the blueberries and added some blackberries from our blackberry patch and some sugar.  We stained the fruit out of the juicy sauce (and saved the sauce), and used it as filling so that they didn’t get soggy. And still we had juicy little handpies.

So if you’re interested in a pick your own farm local to you – GO.  Get the fruit – it’s a fun hour of picking or so and having the fruit in the freezer means you have it preserved for the whole year.