Our First Time Growing Corn

Most people grow sweet corn. Isn’t that the perfect taste of summer?  Grilled corn on the cob and some BBQ and maybe a little coleslaw….yum!  We did not grow sweetcorn though.  We have amazing farmers around us who grow it and grow it well.  We can get a dozen ears of sweet corn for a couple of dollars at most local roadside stands.  So each year we do that, enjoy it and slice it off the cob to freeze it for winter use.

But we grew some decorative corn this year. We tried last year but the deer ate it all right off the bat.  But we’ve been really vigilant about it this year.  And, we didn’t grow sweet corn so maybe that is why they aren’t eating it.  We grew three varieties, a blue Hopi corn, a multicolored corn and one called “Glass Gem” which has kernels of all different colors.

The corn has recently flowered and tasseled so we’re expecting a nice little harvest of beautiful corn cobs we can use for fall decorating.