Seed Saving Begins

We’re starting to save seeds.  The dry beans are maturing so we’re drying them and shelling them.  We have lots and lots of Arikara Yellow Beans.  We’re starting to see some black beans and some Calypso but not Turkey Craw yet.

We’re also saving cilantro seed.  We save a lot of that but we also use it as coriander all winter so we need a lot.  The first planting of cilantro is tied up and the seeds are drying quickly.  The ones we’ve dropped in the bed will self-sow this fall as well.

We’re saving flower seeds too.  The amazing little wildflower patch we grew from MiGardener is really amazing.  Perennials, annuals, pink, purple, yellow and red and the bees are all over it.  So we’re saving every seed from those flowers that we can.  The plan is to till up some of the field in the back and plant them there.

We’re also managing some of our seeds by not letting them grow.  Lemon Balm will take over f you let it so we cut the plants back, not allowing the seeds to ripen.  Chives, garlic chives, fennel, and burnet will also seed all over the place so we cut those once they start to form seeds as well.