Preparing for Winter

We’re drying herbs like crazy right now. The basil is already starting to bronze with the cooler temperatures dropping into the 50s at night.  Fall is coming. We cut and dried another couple of pound to dry.

Luckily, we have a second planting of dill coming in to cut and dry as well.  Dill is such a strong smelling herb and it dries well.  We love being able to use it on fish in the winter or in soups.  Our sage is looking amazing so we’ve been cutting that too.  Sage is critical for a lot of my fall meals.  Sage and butternut squash, sage with pork and chicken, sage stuffing – all warm delicious flavors.

The thyme, chives and oregano and also going to be necessary for herb breads and Italian dishes this winter.  The dehydrator is running pretty much daily and we’re jarring the dried herbs up for winter use and gifts as well.